Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pulag Happening

How to get there,what to wear,what to bring how much is the budget are some of questioned asked especially when you aren't a climber but just a tourist that want to see Pulag because it was featured in your idiot box as on of the best park to visit. But  you see,as it is a "park" it's a mountain first and there are more to know before going there than just having the money for your journey.

Below is the  the itinerary of our Pulag Trip and the Things to Bring from our Pulag adventure. Hope it could help you when you decide to go there too.

Example IT

Day 0
10:00  pm Assembly Victory Liner Pasay/Cubao
11:00  pm ETD to Baguio

Day 1

05:00 am ETA Baguio

5:30   am ETD to DENR
7:30   am ETD Ambuklao Dam
9:00   am ETA DENR for orientation and LNT by Ms. Albas
11:00 am Ranger Station
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00   pm Start Trek
5:00   pm ETA Pulag Campsite
6:00   pm cook dinner
6:30   pm Dinner
7:00   pm Socials
9:00   pm Lights Out

Day 2

3:00  am Wake-up call

3:30  am Start Trek to Summit
5:30  am Summit
7:00  am Descend

8:00  am Break camp
11:00 am ETA Ranger Station
12:00 pm ETD to Baguio
4:00  pm Baguio

Manila to Baguio via Victory Liner -P455 x2 =P910

Guide Fee and Camping Fee- P300
4x4 jeep (15 person capacity) - P8,500 from Baguio to Ranger Station v.v 
Cultural Fee:P20
Porter Fee: (optional) P500

Things to Bring: (The usual w/ extra freeze protection)

A.) Equipment:

1. Backpack or Daypack
2. Tent (sharing is highly recommended)
3. Sleeping bag/earth pad (highly recommended)
4. Stove -group equipment
5. Cook set -group equipment
6. Headlamp/Flashlight or torch light (highly recommended)

B.) Protection:
1. Trekking Shoes* or Sandals
2. Jacket ** Highly Recommended
3. 3 Sets of clothes (for day 1, day 2 & emergency clothing)
4. Gloves - Recommended
5. Bonnet
6. 2 sets Socks *
7. Poncho / Umbrella

C.) Personal Hygiene:
1. Mess Kit - Recommended (BAWAL ANG DISPOSABLE) i.e. spoon, fork, bowl etc.
2. Tissue or Paper Towels - Recommended
3. Garbage Bag - Recommended (also for water proofing)
4. Kikay Kit

D.) Medicines:
1. First Aid Kit - Group Equipment
2. Personal Medicine
3. Sunblock - Recommended
4. Lip Balm
5. Mineral Oil / Baby Oil - Recommended

E.) Nutrition:
1. Trail Food - i.e. Nuts, Chocolates, Raisins, etc. (Jelly - Not Recommended)
2. Trail Water
3. Group Meals - *please see Meal Plan
4. Hot Choco, Coffee, Noodles etc. - ask us for hot water
5. Nutritional Supplements - i.e. Vitamins (optional)

F.) Gadgets: (optional)
1. Camera
2. Video Camera
3. MP3 players

Have a nice safe trip!!!
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