Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Along The Road

Holy Week 2016. We braved the traffic and the long road travel just to visit my hometown. One of my friend who was with me 4 years ago, invited a bunch of his friend to visit the island of Ticao once again. The last time, we sat on a 15 hours journey in an ordinary bus, and crossed the island in a RoRo (Roll on Roll of) boat. This time we drove a lite ace van for more than 24 hours!!!

This epic road tripping in a jam packed, with an open window van involves a  lot of stop over to  car mechanic along the road, losing gasoline kilometers away from the next gas station, stopping over for halo - halo, looking for some local eatery, emergency stop over to spend the night in some public park  hundred of kilometers away from our destination after spending whole day on the road, and missing the last boat to cross the island!

Sound like a travel nightmare right? Well, even the worst thing produces something fun and amazing if you keep your cool and just enjoy the whole mishap that would sum up the whole trip.
halo-halo stop over somewher in Quezon Province
emergency camp in Sorsogon (cto sir Niko)
breakfast.  seafoods freshly caught from Bulusan Lake
the view of our e-camp in Sorsogon

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Leaning Tower of Milaor

One of the most famous church in Camarines Sur for visita inglesia during holy week is the Milaor Church or St Joseph the Worker Parish Church in the town of Milaor, Camarines Sur. We found this historical church by accident when we were looking for eatery along the road that serves local cuisine.
What so special about this church is that its bell tower is leaning. According to the historical committee marker, the first church started in 1725 and completed in 1735, was destroyed by fire in 1740. The present church was constructed in 1740, its belfry in 1840. 

It's an old church like many churches in Bikol region. The stone structure is amazing and will make you wonder how they survives the ravages of time. But what makes me wonder was not just the structure of the church and its leaning tower but the inside of the church where there is no statue of any patron saint in sight. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Or Not

so you throw out the one we had
because you thought it is one and the same
out of the thousand out there
but what you didn't know
mine is the only one you could have best
but you throw it out baby,
for some knock off
you see, it isn't the same
the real one and the same one
aren't really the same
if you know what i mean
but it's clear that you don't 
cause you throw it all out
for a knock off
my love
you throw it all out
for a knock off