Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For the Sake of an Old Love

"An old lover is calling...The one I can't resist. "
the port of Bulan. i'm almost home.
My dearly beloved Alma Mater, called me to stand in front of her graduates, I humbly accepted. And the task to be there on time is daunting for I never expected the buses bound hometown is full! The buses in Cubao  was fully booked for that week,and also in Pasay terminal. But hell will get loose if I can't be there. So here it is the timetable I beat just to be there on schedule!

11:30 PM Cutting trip Manila to Legaspi, the last bus for the long ride.

10:30 AM  was in the middle of street in Daraga,Albay waiting for a bus ride to Bulan,Sorsogon.
2:30 PM Bulan port at last!
3:30 PM Bulan port to San Jacinto port. A miracle that I was able to catch the last boat to the island cause IF not I would probably sleep in the bus station and wait for the first trip early in the morning and go directly to the graduation ceremony the next day!
5:00 PM Finally home after a 17 hours travel!

7:30 AM Graduation Ceremony
10:30 Finished
10:30-11:00 AM  Lunch
1:00 PM Left home to Bulan Port
3:00 Bulan to Manila
5:30 Pasay terminal
6:00 AM Home
6:30 AM Off to work!

You might say, why in the name of the good lord din't you just take the plane?  Well, Moi is as poor as a country mouse.

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