Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Journey Chasing Clouds

FEBRUARY 17-18 the faithful day I went to Benguet to conquer Pulag and failed.  The highest mountain in Luzon. With its majestic panorama I felt humbled. In the presence of something so wonderful I felt a higher being working above us all. The mountain is an easy one to climb, that is in my point of view since it's not the first summit I scaled. But the weather and the temperature in the mountain is notoriously unpredictable that everyone should be prepared to be in the worst situation. Cold is the worst enemy you've got there. And the journey of many to glimpse its majestic peak being kissed by the clouds in the early morning sun was all so worth it that a lot of climbers that went there and not blessed to be with the clouds go back again and again just to see the breathtaking sea of clouds. And I think I'll be one of those that will go back because even though we were blessed to have a clearing during that time I wasn't able to summit and see first hand the famous wonder of Mt. Pulag.

Photos of Edward Mikehell Grylls


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