Monday, October 15, 2012

I Was BOURNE Yesterday

JASON BOURNE -I'm a late bloomer when it comes to these books. Even with the hype of the past Jason Bourne movies. My interest wasn't pick enough to read the book or even see the movie. Though I know that Robert Ludlum is an exemplary author. I read his book Icarus Agenda, but I still didn't put his novels in my bookshelf. Even with the  whole traffic jam in Pureza and the buzzed of shooting location in some places around the metro bout the Bourne Legacy movie I  still didn't give this series a go. Why? Because I don't like a movie or a book that gets everybody who isn't even a book aficionado go gaga.Well,except with Twilight I'm guilty watching the movies and reading the book. But you can't take that on me. I gets giddy with the idea of being a nocturnal less human being. Blame it on Anne Rice. I consider her books as self help book on taking the dark road...Gawd! Book nerd alert!!!!  I stop now! Let's go back to the complicated life of Jason Bourne. Something happen last September 2 that makes me picked up the book and totally devoured it! And it's because of  this.

Jason Bourne inside!
I love the idea that "the boyfriend" picked a kitty cat  cover when I  love cats!
I ask "the boyfriend" err rather demanded  to buy this well know Ludlum novels as my birthday gift. And since "the boyfriend" is the bestest ever he took the next big thing and that is to download the Jason Bourne movies too!! (is this confession enough for me to be punished under the RA 10175? well, just so everything is clear it was the boyfriend who downloaded the movies!)

photo source
I took me days to open my birthday gift,that's why I don't have  my own pictures of the book.
When I picked up the first Jason Bourne book the most amazing thing happen. I fall in love with Robert Ludlum!! That was a first. Usually when I read a book I fall in love with the characters. Yet with The Bourne Identity  the way Robert(yeah,we were already in first name basis) weave the complicated life and scenario of Jason Bourne life I was so hook! That I feel like I am in each scene breathing heavily in each step of Jason Bourne. My heart palpitates in every scene for it  was presented in such concise context that looks so simple at the same time  makes the story goes deeper so smoothly that the transition of scene is a labyrinth that the reader could thread without difficulty. Robert my man, you're simply amazing!
Finally fall in love with the character! 
And here comes the second book in the series, The Bourne Supremacy. Between the characters of  Jason, Marie,Mo, and Alex in their pursuit in saving the world for another war. Well they aren't really the one who are interested in avoiding another war but the that agency. You know what i'm taking about right? Marie with a friend who was brutally killed in the street of Shanghai, Alex with his old tricks, and Mo standing by to save David to be totally consume with his alter ego;they're running around the land of China to save their beloved with fragile mind David Webb.Jason Bourne chasing one clue from another,making trap for the assassin that uses also the name Jason Bourne. The nemesis was created by an old friend from Medusa. The one that makes a circle around Delta in the forest of Vietnam to make him sleep-for "rest is a weapon"-the old good Echo that didn't survive because he chose to sacrifice his life to save old Delta.

The last..but not really....If you know  what I mean you must be a fan of Jason Bourne.
And the last Jason Bourne  book of Robert (you know that the other book was already written by Eric Van Lustbader, starting with the Bourne Legacy,right?) that makes me wonder how difficult is it with a person that has different persona within himself to walk away from its blurry and barely remembered  past. How hard it  must be  to keep your emotion under control to keep sanity at bay and not to lose the thin line of your humanity when you don't remember them most of the time. Humanity-the one that Carlos the Jackal does not posses at all. Carlos is Charlie thus  the Delta must be Cain. In the world of a worldwide assassin,whereto be be known as the best there  has no place for a second one. Other must die for in their world two cannot exist! The Bourne Ultimatum where the honor of being the best assassin must be taken only by one and not shared by two, where revenge must sought and paid for, and when the only way to keep David Webb's family totally safe  was for Jason Bourne to resurface and  kill Carlos the Jackal.

The movie was good but i'm disappointed that it didn't sum up with the book,not even close.(sigh) but nothing to be despair since most of the book that was adapted into movies are really bad. Until now the only novel adapted into movies that movie story line is more interesting than the book was "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember". The story of those books are good but the way the author writes them are plain boring. The story was done justice when they made it into movies.

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