Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Heavenly Paradise I Called Home

I've been to other places. I fall in love with each and every one of them. I wander and got lost. But my heart and soul belongs to you. 

Good morning Mr. Sun!
my morning view

Let's eat!

siesta time!
you can see the clear blue sea at the background..
Let's  take  a walk ....

sea, sand, sun=beach bum!
my very own backyard beach
when I was young I used to spend hours sitting on those rocks watching clouds and rainbows!
not your usual waterfalls....why?

....because it falls onto the sea!
underneath the waterfalls is a cave...we are too scared to enter...J

take a dip!
...or play...
most of my childhood spent playing on that beach 

mi casa 

goodnight said mister Moon.

photos: Edward Mikehell Grylls,Chai-Onte Cruz, Malou Inolino


  1. wowow super like lalo na ung nka bikinis wiiitwiiiw hehehe sobrang ganda ng place ...esp thewaterfalls

    1. oo super ganda nung waterfalls...nakaka-amaze! inakyat namin yun..medyo delikado kasi madulas tapos sa batuhan ka talga babagsak...
      yung waterfalls lang ang babangkain galing sa amin,pero the rest ng photos sa likod bahay lang namin yan..

  2. great pictures. i think you'll get more visitors in wordpress. you can participate in the weekly photo challenge and weekly writing challenge. to switch, all you need to do is export all your blogger entries to the blog you have created in wordpress, which can be done automatically. just google for the instructions on how to do it. i'm not in any way connected to wordpress, so you can consider this as an unbiased opinion.

    1. thanks! most of the photos i used in my blogs,-well the good photos aren't mine so if i'm gonna join a photo challenge i must ask permission first.

      i added you in my reading list by the way..:) thanks for dropping by!