Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backpacking Bohol and Cebu (part 3)

Day 3 A Day in Cebu City

We slept on the ferry to Cebu for the 2nd night of our backpacking adventure.Once we stepped out of the ship we sought for some place to freshen up. Together with our ever loyal backpack we end up in public toilet in some park to change clothes and do damage control with our appearance before the last day pictorial. J  

Navigating from her last travel in Cebu, Anna told me that the Magellan’s Cruz is walking distance from the port. So walk we go! And our day in Cebu was made of walking!!

it's a must to have a picture in the  Magellan's cruz when you are in Cebu (lol)
Sto. Niño Church

an old house we passed along the way. it reminds us of old houses in Vigan.
After our pictorial in the Magellan’s Cruz, we had our breakfast in those food stall besides the Sto. Niño’s church. And it seems like “I’m not yet done with my trying to be adventurous with food,” because I ordered “kinilaw” for breakfast. It was delicious!! Trough out our city tour we were looking for some lechon (Cebu is famous for lechon, right? But what they usually offer in the restaurant that we checked was all FRIED CHICKEN!)

After breakfast we head to SM Cebu to deposit some of our luggage in Travel Lounge. It is located beside SM Cebu. In Bohol it is situated beside Island Mall.  Without a bursting backpack  while running after jeepneys are definitely a comfortable way to travel.Besides the Travel Lounge fee was easy in the pocket. You should see those foreigners that were also backpacking on how BIG their luggage was that they all left there. You can also take a shower there. Shower areas and toilet were clean. 

Next, we catch the jeepney off to Danao, because our main objective in crossing Cebu was to conquer Camotes island sadly the weather didn’t cooperate. It was raining and we don’t want to risk being stranded in the island since our plane ticket was the earliest flight back to Manila. Air Phil already sent me a message that they moved my flight an hour earlier because of the weather. And our ticket was non-refundable and non-rebookable being late was out of the itinerary. 
We head back to City proper and decided just to have a city tour. And our idea of city tour wasn’t visiting the SM and Robinson of the said city. (some friends did just like that!J) Anna texted some friends to ask what were the possible places to visit in Cebu. The friend said Taoist temple and a must restaurant to visit was Casa Verde! The friend said not to leave Cebu without tasting the Baby Back Rib of the said restaurant. 
Taoist Temple

After Taoist Temple we went for a walk crusade to find the restaurant. The first one that we asked for the direction was lost in translation. We ended up walking for an hour and a half to find the restaurant!! It seems like everyone in the street has no idea where the heck was the restaurant. From taxi drivers, jeepney drivers, security guards of some establishment we passed by. Thank God  to those students that was able to point out the street after walking for an hour!!!
Maybe you will say why you didn’t just take a taxi, stupid! But hey we asked taxi drivers where the heck the restaurant was, and they just answered back what was the nearest landmark and we didn’t have an idea. Taking a jeepeney? We had to leave the idea of riding a jeepney since it was a jeepney driver who gave us the first direction that ended up going nowhere. Besides, what is walking when your pastime is climbing a mountain. J 

To cut the long story of the long walk, we found the restaurant before we collapsed with hunger! Hurrah! The food was awesome! You should definitely not to leave Cebu without tasting their Baby Back Rib. J 
mango shake for drinks

garlic soup for appetizer 

the famous Baby Back Rib for the main course

Cheesecake for desert! 
We were so proud of our self after that! Along the 1 hour and a half walk we never back out. We want it, we get it! But yeah when we went back to Travel Lounge a friend who was our lodging angel for our last night (are we lucky or whatJ) told us that there was a Casa Verde restaurant in at the Terraces Ayala Mall.  
What the??? …we are positive travelers we laugh at mishap, we counted only the good things so we chose to be thankful that our lodging angel was online in Facebook, and commented in Anna’s post that we were in Cebu City. He offered to pick us up from SM mall and spend the night with his son’s house so that they could drive us to the airport early in the morning since he is also flying back to Manila!!!...Woohoo another lodging and breakfast for free, and this time with additional airport transport. (Hahaha)

That end up our last day of backpacking adventure in a high good vibes!! And also because Air Phil put us in earlier flight when the storm hit we were already landed safe back in Manila. And by the way Casa Verde restaurant is located between F. Ramos street and Jones Avenue.

And if somebody would asked me what’s was the most fun part of that trip. I’m sure Anna and I would agree that the long lost walk was on the top place! J And for Anna she is my best travel bud, not because we always travel together but because we never experienced the usual travel drama to think that we weren't really friends.The trip was our 4th time to meet. You really  can really meet the most unexpected friends and the most amazing people when you let yourself out  of your comfort zone!!

Happy traveling!!

Break down of expenses: 
1000- country side tour
800-Loboc River cruise
90- tarsier sanctuary entrance
100-chocolate view deck entrance
150 –habal-habal (motorcycle) to Panglao
50 –beach entrance
300- habal-habal from Bohol Beach club to bee farm ->hinagdanan caveàback to Tagbilaran
500-pasalubong (kalamay, souvenir t-shirts)
100 –bus fare to Tubigon port
400-roro (ferry) to cebu
300-souvenir picture in Loboc Cruise
1400 –meal (Bohol Bee Farm and Casa Verde in Cebu)
other meals within 3 days are free in our lodging angel, food stall/local karenderia  more or less 400+
800+ travel lounge/fare traveling to Danao and all over the city proper

The expenses are for 2 persons.
My round trip ticket was worth 2,250+400 terminal fee. Anna’s ticket was way more cheaper than


  1. Awww! Thanks LJ! You also made our backpacking trip super enjoyable and memorable. Let's plan our next trip again, shall we?!haha

    1. Let's conquer Camotes island!...hahahaha
      and go back to Casa Verde to eat baby back ribs again...miss those foods. GAWD i'm humgry! :D

  2. Good!haha That is really my plan for next year.. to conquer the islands in Cebu, this March 23, 2013 (booked at 5:30am Game?haha

    1. Game! Bring it on! My back pack is always ready anyway..hahahaha..

    2. pwes! mgbook ka na ng airplane tickets ka na while it's still on sale..

    3. will do!!...may Ati-atihan festival pa akong naka fall in line! hanuvah!...hahahahahhaha