Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backpacking Bohol and Cebu (Part 2)

Day 2   Panglao

The old college doormate/friend of Anna was able to give us the direction to her parents house the night before. It took her a long time because her mother wasn't home yet traveling from Davao. The first thing we did when we arrived at their house was to charge our cameras! Our kind host for that night was busy when we arrived in their house because they have to attend some gathering. They were kind enough to wait for us! 

The next morning our gracious host told us that that she will be at the Loboc church because the said church will hold a special mass for the priests of some province of Bicol region that was having their convention at Loboc church. Anna and I decided to attend a Sunday mass first before going to Paglao. And we were lucky to be there to listen to those angelic voices of the well-known Loboc Children's Choir. 

Boholano's are religious and family oriented people. You can see  the it is the whole family that attends a Sunday mass. 

Loboc Bell Tower

we climbed the Loboc tower. It was kinda creepy..hahaha
we did ask permission from the locals before entenring the tower.
After the mass we just decided to roam around since we were there yesterday for the Loboc River Cruise but weren't able to do some sight seeing.

the  idyllic beach of Panglao 

Locals kids frolicking in the beach  in a sunny Sunday. 

We took a jeepney  and a tricycle to go to Panglao. We choose the beach with the cheapest entrance since what we want was just a place to enter  because once we were on the beach we can already roam around those beaches. And roamed indeed. That while checking one of the resort we crashed into their restaurant to watch the game of Manny Pacquio in pay-per-view! How fun was that! After the game we explored  the beaches and compare sands.. hahaha... Bohol Beach Club won! They have the finest sand and the nicest amenities in all of the resorts in the area. Most expensive too!

On the way back to the highway, we even hitched hike in one of their service car that will pick up some guest. But only until the main road. From there we took a motorcycle ride to visit Bohol Bee Farm to buy some honey for  "pasalubong" and to have our lunch there,the food in those resort we visited didn't entice our grumbling stomach.

Fresh salad for appetizer!  I ate those flowers on top! 
My lunch. Forgot was it is called. But it is in there bestseller  in their menu.
Notice the red organic rice and the side dish of vegetable salad. they were freshly pick from their garden.
I ordered lemongrass juice for a drink. I was trying to be adventurous  And  it was such a nice surprise.
The  freshly baked squash bread in the backround was heavenly. 
still trying to be adventurous with food I choose the  most unusual ice cream flavor there is.
malunggay and spicy ginger 

Good thing we choose to have our lunch in Bohol Bee Farm. It was sumptuous organic meal, well most of it. :) Besides they gave free lunch to those driver who brought visitors there. Nice right?  After Bohol Bee Farm where we had a hard time leaving and we were thinking during that time that it would be nicer if we stayed longer there than those beaches in Panglao. Well, there is still next time. So put Bohol Bee Farm in your must place to visit once you are in Bohol. Our next stop  was Hinagdanan Cave then  back to Tagbilaran City once again.

At the entrance. It is called Hinagdanan cave because you will literally go  down
in stairs (hagdan) to get inside the cave.
inside the cave
the  water inside is crystal clear and cool..
                                        Kuya Marcing  and I. I was enjoying my not so good ice cream I ended spitting out! hahaha

We asked our driver to drop us near the city park. And then we just catch another tricyle to Island Mall to take the bus to Tubigon. But why Tubigon? It was our last day in Bohol. And the ferries fare  from Tagbilaran port was around P400 pesos, but if you take the ferry from Tubigon port it is half the price. Well, not only the ferry from Tubigon is way cheaper also we weren't in a hurry to be in Cebu City because we didn't want to worry where are we going to stay there. The last trip of the boat from Tubigon is around 12 midnight and arrives around 6:00am in Cebu port. The idea that we are saving another night in lodging fee was more appeling to use than taking faster supercat from Tagbilaran port.

It was an adventure worth having. I'll be back in Bohol for Bohol Bee Farm and for the people. They are very nice and kind.


  1. i have long wanted to go to Bohol! so i'm bookmarking your Bohol posts for future reference! thank you. ^_^

    1. thanks! na-excite naman akong ng drop by ka..hehehe,am an avid reader of Bunay's little corner. I think nabasa ko na lahat ng post mo..hehee

      Btw pag napunta ka ng Bohol don't skip Bohol Bee Farm. And i think PAL na ang bumibyahe puntang Bohol. Mag CEBU-BOHOL ka na lang. Mas madaming seat sale puntang Cebu. Then mag RORO ka na lang to Bohol. :D