Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backpacking Bohol and Cebu (Part 1)

Anna  a friend I met  hiking  the mountain of Balagbag on the hated day of  February  2 years ago in some climb for a cause. And then came the month of September  where we're  able to climb again together for a tree planting event in Makiling. We both went to that event because we both wanted  to plant a tree for our birthday. Yup! We share the same birth month. Must be  the reason why we hit off like old friends.

On that tree planting event, she opened up that she had a plan to go to Bohol and Cebu. And I remembered telling her that I wanted to travel too but it is hard to find a good travel buddy. (Have you tried traveling with  some of your friends? Do so. You will know them in their worst. Teehee! )   Most of my friends whenever I invited them to travel they will just say they don't have the budget or time. Worst some would plan the trip with me and then back out! How uncool is that? So I never had the chance to do some backpacking though I've been itching to do so for the longest time. Hence, when Anna sent me a message in FB saying her supposedly travel companion back out and IF I would like to join in her trip. Of course I said yes! But on one condition, that she should find me a sale ticket.  And she did! So backpacking it is!

Day 1  Off to Bohol
Since I was traveling in a tight budget a cab to the airport was not part of my transportation. What I did was took the MRT to Taft station and rode the shuttle bus to NAIA 3. (MRT fare P15, shuttle bus P20) We met at NAIA 3 at   6:00AM to board a 9:00 AM flight to Tagbilaran via Air Phil Express.  After checking in, we had some coffee and pancake for breakfast at the airport.

Our pilot said he landed us in Kalibo Airport! :)

We arrived at the small airport of Tagbilaran around 11:00 AM. Once we got off the plane and recovered our backpacks, we head to the restroom to freshen up. But lo and behold no water!!! So we hoarded the brochures of tours and resorts in the information counter and got out of the airport to start our adventure. (hoard those flyers, mostly the places they’re advertising are expensive BUT you’ll have an idea where are the tourist spot and how much does it cost. Give half of the price from those brochures when you are haggling)

A van is expensive especially that there was just two of us, and using the public transportation isn't a good idea because you can’t finish your country side tour in one day, though would be cheaper. So we decided to hire a tricycle instead. We paid 
P1, 000($23) for that compare to hiring a van that would cost around P4000+.

Loboc  River Cruise

Loboc River

along the river banks are  these  children dancing some of their  traditional dance for the tourist.

 And since it was almost lunch time we choose to go directly to Loboc River. A cruise of Loboc River riding in a bamboo raft is worth P400 with free lunch that tastes bland. After the river cruise we started our countryside tour of Bohol

Tarsier Sanctuary was first. It wasn’t that special except for the idea that it was my first time to see face to face the smallest primate. We stayed there for about 10 or 15 minutes. The sanctuary was newly renovated according to them that were why we paid P90 entrance fee. It was supposed to be 100 bucks but I avail the student discount. Hah! 10 pesos is still 10 pesos. (stingy eh?) But according to our driver just last week visiting the Tarsier Sanctuary was for free.

Jump and fly!

On the way to Chocolate Hills, we passed by the famous Man-Made Mahogany Plantation. Approaching the area you can feel that the air is cool. We stopped for a few minutes for our customary jump shot! Of Course our driver cum photographer was more than willing to take our photos to our heart content

Then the famous CHOCOLATE HILLS! We drowned our self with the amazing beauty of nature. Entrance to the place was P50 each.

...taking a deep breath for my jump shot! lol

Hanging Bridge was next. It was just that. A hanging bridge made of bamboo. We took some jump shot again! J

Next to the last stop was Baclayon Church. It was already 5:00PM the church was already close so we just took some souvenir photos outside. 

at  the gate of the blood compact site ..No picture there 

Last stop before we head back to Tagbilaran City was the Blood Compact Site. And this was also CLOSED! What a bummer! 

We asked our driver to just drop us off to Island Mall. Kuya Johnfel our driver/photographer so that Anna and I would have pictures together. Thank you so much! You are such a kind hearted soul. We told him that we have no place to stay for the night since we didn’t have any hotel reservation and we were waiting for Anna’s old college dormate in Elbi to give a go signal that we indeed can crash to her parents house in Tagbilaran City. Since we didn’t have a confirmed place to stay for the night he was hesitating to leave us there hence with a lot of persuasion, and he was teary eyed when he finally bid goodbye. He told us how to catch a tricycles ride back to Tagbilaran that would be cheaper. Again, thanks Kuya. You made our countryside trip a memorable one. 

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