Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Journey to Find One Self

The road less taken. 

To find one self you need to find reason. And to find reason you need to have motivation. To  find motivation you need to be curious of what is there and beyond?

THAT curiosity is the one that will push you to get out, to do things that you always dream of, to finally cross the street, and step beyond your comfort zone. 

Hitch hiking  or trying to but failed miserably.
(Panglao, Bohol)

You can try travelling by boat, which I  don't have a slightest  idea what is the right way to paddle.
This is just a photo op. (survivor  island eh?) 
RUN freely!!!.The world is a big place.  Make it as your own playground. For me, the world is too much.I'll start with an island. :XD

I'll always be a child at play,
an easy smile in a sunny day. ---scatteredthoughts
(Capones Island, Zambales)
...if you cannot run, try to SWIM! Life has a lot to offer. Take all the chances you got.

Swimming in a deserted island.
(Ticao Island,Masbate)
Photo courtesy of Aica Fernandez 
Or simply GET OUT!

Be it in a summit of some mountain...
Summit of Mt. Banahaaw.
(Dolores, Quezon)
----or in the middle of nowhere. Do it!

Trail of Mt. Balagbag 
 For life  is short. But ..... it doesn't mean you shouldn't learn a thing or two.

Study your history!.Your elementary history teacher will probably applaud you!
(Magellan Cross,Cebu, City )

Be with strangers you met in one of your journey. They are the best teacher, and the best travel companion there is.

Yeah I''m with this guys.. :D I've met them in the mountain and they were nice enough to invite me in their escapade.
I love you guys!
(Anawangin, Zambales)
With Anna, another stranger that became a good friend. She dragged  me in one of her trip that became my first backpacking experience ever!
(Loboc River Cruise, Bohol, Philippines.)
Finally, be with your own spotlight! You are your own person. If  this is difficult to achieve, hire your own paparazzi!!!

We were the Lucky Summer Visitor indeed!!  A once in a lifetime summer experience in the summer capital of the country.
Where I almost become a SUPERSTAR!! LOL
(Baguio City, Philippines)
  Have fun with your life’s journey! See you  in the next stop. LIVE.LOVE..LIFE.

 P.S. Don't forget to JUMP!
A customary jump shot. This one is in the middle of a hanging bridge!
(Bohol, , Philippines)