Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Urban Night Trek

How many of you have been able to visit the not so famous areas in Manila namely; Intramuros, Luneta, Chinatown, and Roxas Boulevard? I guess a lot has never tried. I’m talking from my experienced. I never been to Chinatown or Luneta, dancing fountain what’s that? I never set foot within the "walled city."
Living in Metro Manila and not being to visit those places??? I think that is embarrassing. 

Good thing some friends wanted to have some food trip to experience Chinatown as authentically as possible. So we set up a date to visit Ongpin. But there was a tiny problem. Everybody is busy with their respective jobs. So we end up doing a night trek!

If you are from Manila area (which I’m not and so are the others from the group) you knew that from Chinatown (Ongpin) Intramuros is walking distance. Some would disagree with me by saying walking distance. Well, it is walking distance for us! Our group walked from KM 0 (Luneta-Kawit Cavite in celebration of Independence Day). Good thing one of us was raised and born in Manila. He was the designated tour guide. And by golly! We didn’t just get a tour guide but a history lesson too. 

We met up in Carriedo LRT station and went straight to Delicious Restaurant (it was closed now) for their renowned Chinese food. We ordered some food. The winner was the Lechon Kawali and the radish salad! It was YUM! 

After the sumptuous dinner, dessert is next! And by dessert that is ice cream for me, but we are in Chinatown and if you are in Chinatown you buy Hopia! So next stop Eng Bee Tin. No other Hopia in Chinatown without their name. The group bought pasalubong were in every story we were greeted with the cat continuously waving its hand (you can see them in most store in the Philippines, they believe it brings a lot of customer) saying “Ni Hao”. 

In the Philippines diversity of nationality is always more fun! Yes, it’s Chinatown but it doesn't mean there is no Korean Mart! (Koreans are growing like wild mushroom)We bought some Melona ice cream, Pepero (bread stick coated with chocolate and some almonds) and some Korean Noodles.
cup noodles and some ice cream!

Excited with his find!!

We walked and talked in the noise and smoke of the city. I was giggling with Aica, when we saw establishment name written in Chinese. We were like kids in a field trip.

Crossing the Ongpin North Bridge.

When we crossed the Jones Bridge. Guess what we saw?The Merlin!! I bet you been passing that bridge without giving much attention to it. So we the girls shrieked in childish delight. We are in Singapore!! Take a picture! Take a picture! The guys were worried to bring out their camera. Well, it is Manila and it is night!

No, we are not in Manila. We are in SINGAPORE!!  :XD

A lot of giggling and exchanging history information with a childish imagination. Me?  Yeah, I’m guilty. When we step inside Intramuros and I saw those lamp post. I was like, can you imagine Jose Rizal and Maria Clara or any lovers walking under those lamp. Or exchanging love letters in secret under those large mango trees, nervous to be seen by the Guardia Civil roaming around?  We did saw some Guardia Civil (guards’ patrolling the area is wearing their Guardia Civil uniform. LOL)
Photo shoot in the Skate area! (see those graffiti )

The  girls strike a pose with the  punk model. :XD

From Intramuros we end up in Luneta. Pictures of course.  

It was my first time to see the dancing fountain. It was too dark to get a decent picture of it. Two of our friends called it a night but the rest of us stayed until five in the morning. It’s about 11 pm that time. Where did we spend the rest of the night? Roxas Boulevard of course! 
(The park is not a place to sleep.)
The  picture  says it all!

From Carriedo to Sta Cruz, to Ongpin, to Intramuros, to Luneta, to Roxas Boulevard. It was indeed a night/morning to remember! 

UPDATE: Delicious Restaurant is now back in business. J

Photos courtesy of the following : Edward Mikehell Grylls
                                                          Nep Cruz


  1. ,this is it <3 <3 <3, it was nice remembering.But i got to remember also the disturbing scene when we're crossing Jones Bridge. :(

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