Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mister Bean

I can't live without Mr. Bean. Yes, you heard that right. Mr. Bean is my man! That's why I'm forever searching for MY BEAN!

Cafe Americano my fave in their menu. (see how cute that bear,or is it a bear? haha)
photo courtesy of Malou Inolino. 
This Bean is too pretty. Photo Courtesy of Nep Cruz
taken at Olive.( the old Caffe Poli)

Caffe Poli now Olive has the  most affordable and way better tasting coffee than any coffee shop around. (Yeah, yeah there is Starbucks.) But when I said ANY I mean that! Been to those other known coffee shop. But Caffe Poli now Olive is still the best for me. The ambiance is homey, crew are nicer (they let us hang out even though they are already close because we aren't done yet with our chismisan/history debate).

Olive's coffee is affordable but there is always Coco Martin's with his new "mas yummy" Nescafe commercial, but nothing beats this!!

Limang piso, doon po sa kanto!
(photo courtesy of Aica Fernandez)

Your very own dose of caffeine round the clock!! The coffee's taste isn't really that good but, hey what do you expect? It's frigging FIVE peso worth of  coffee BEAN. 


  1. The 5 peso coffee vendo machine are like "Kabute" or mushroom you'll see it everywhere, anywhere, anytime now, darn i'll still choose my local old brand Nescafe than that! Talking about quality man!

    1. True!..3n1 or Kopiko brown are still much better...beside "mas yummy" talaga si Coco!!..LOL

  2. Haha, kung si Coco basehan, "mas yummy talaga" :D

    1. hindi ko nga alam kung sino produkto sa commercial na yun eh...yung kape o si Coco Martin!!...hahahaha