Monday, May 27, 2013

The Real Coffee and Tea Cafe With Their Famous Calamansi Muffin

The fascination all started with a box. Unassuming box of muffin that is. "The Boyfriend" came home in one of his trip from the island of Boracay with a box of Calamansi muffin. I'm a girl with overwhelming attachment to everything sweet so a sour muffin is not something I would prefer. Well, not until I took the first bite. Since then whenever "The Boyfriend"  go to the island he has a standing order to bring home a box of it.

So when I visited  the island one of my goal was to have a calamansi muffin at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe and experience the famous calamansi muffin with their own brew of coffee. And they didn't disappoint!

tuna sandwich, calamansi muffin with Real Coffee coffee 

Their store that time was at their old place in Station 1. Now they moved to Station 2 with an exquisite view of the beach. And sipping coffee while munching  calamansi muffin became another level of experience.

I've already tried a lot of food in their menu, but every now and then I still crave for that sour muffin with hot cup of coffee while watching the view.

mother and daughter owner with their amazing staff 

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