Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Fit

It's been awhile since I blog. So sad to see that I wasn't able to meet my personal quota of fifteen post a month. There was a lot of reason why I wasn't able to do so. But the most was because a friend got married!
And we were all so excited to be bridesmaids!! It was not an easy task. It involve lots of drama and cat fight about a lot of things but most especially the SHOES!!... L

Let the shoes fight begin...

The first three choices of the bride,all by Steve Madden.

The takes of the bridesmaids!!


Two weeks before the big day!At this point we could not afford to place shoes order that we decided to look for local brand shoes!
Rusty Lopez! This one was a hard one to let go. 
Last minute choice of the bride.A black and white Cardams shoes. In this time she was trying to pacify all the bridesmaids not to start pulling each others hair. lol
And the winner is!!! The one on top of the Two Towers. A Cardams shoes chosen a week before the wedding. Still not everyone was happy for the chosen one! Everyone has its own favorite sadly we had to compromise for one since that's the bride wish. For her bridesmaids to walk the aisle with same shoes. And it was a daunting task.
But in the aren't we look so pretty? J


  1. it's the bride's call. after all, it's her wedding.

  2. you are all stunning with the shoes, nice choice :) ♥

  3. Thanks for your comment :) Following you!

  4. All of these shoes are great! I think numbers 1 and 3 are my favorites, though.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Ang cute naman ng outfit nyo. :)

    1. aliw na aliw kami sa damit namin,kasi nagamit pa sya after. ng palit kami ng friend ko ng dress after the wedding ksi ginamit nya yung dress para sa xmas party nila. kulit lang.