Monday, December 17, 2012

Nine Mornings

TODAY is the 2nd day of the Nine Mornings ritual that the Spanish brought to the Philippines. The tradition consists of nine daily novena masses that start on December 16th till 24th,marking the beginning of Christmas season and preparation for the Nativity of Jesus.

Nine Mornings also known as Misa de Gallo- a Spanish which literary means roosters mass because masses are held in the break of dawn where roosters began to crow. This religious event became popularly known now in Filipino language as Simbang Gabi or simple Evening Mass.

The usual practice after Simbang gabi is having delicacies like puto bumbong (purple-colored glutionous rice cake topped with shaved coconut) and bibingka ( rice cakes) paired with a mug of hot chocolate.
One more reason the Nine Mornings has become more than just a tradition for Filipinos is that they say who have completed all nine masses is entitled for one special wish.

photos by:Edward Mikehell Grylls


  1. Bibingka! Buto bumbong! I miss!
    Its been ages since I last attended simbang gabi.. Bata pa ata ako non. Nung tumanda na ko hindi na.. Kase hindi na ako nagsisimba.. Long story. :) Merry Christmas! :)

    1. nung bata ako lagi kong kinukumpleto ang simbang gabi, para sa wish!..pero sa dinami dami ng nakompleto kung simbang gabi kahit isang wish walang natupad!...hahaha.(*bitter lang)
      Merry Christmas AC! thank you for always dropping by. Really appreciate it.<3