Friday, November 2, 2012

Boracay is L.O.V.E

When I first set foot in Boracay I was like -wtf? I'm a beach lover but i'm used to beaches which isn't  plunge by tourist and rowdy crowds.  I want quiet and peace while lodging in the sun. Call me a greedy lover. I want my beach mine alone! But with Boracay I was like, is this Avenida? Sta Cruz? Napkil maybe? With its over crowded stores and establishment crawling everywhere. Boracay I don' like you at all, but with your powdery sand glittering under the sun. I can't keep the my sigh of awe escaping from my lips of your beauty. YOU with your stretch of out of this world pearly beach is like a  woman with such a long wonderful legs, and I'm a man enchanted with your beauty that even the noise of the overflowing tourist- they all want to devour you! yet every time  I set my eyes on you it was just you and me and I'm captivated forever of your beauty. And I couldn't help myself but run into your arms!

I would still look for serenity when it comes to beaches but with you, I had fun!

Photos by: Edward Mikehell Grylls


  1. really amazing photos!
    nice post!
    check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it!

  2. Last time I was there (2008) I was alone. :)

    1. I read your post about that.Surviving Boracay. :)

      But I think Boracay is a good place to be alone. You'll be lost in the crowd.