Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Taste of Korea

When you got the itch, you gotta scratch it,-so they say.  For us when our taste bud is craving for something different from our usual palate, we satiate it. And that my friends is what we called-food trip! We had a Korean buffet with friends in a newly K BOB Restaurant & Family KTV open  in Cubao. I don't know most of the name of the dish in Korean so please don't take that against me I was busy filling my plate.

The side dishes. We love it that most of them are veggies. (it's good for our diet...d..d..DIET? what's that??)
We had some anchovies, kimchi,(cucumber & cabbage kimchi) and some bean sprout.
After the side dishes we started with the unassuming Kimbob. And then what the heck! Just taste all the food that looks appealing to us and do some taste test.
fish fillet 
roasted chicken
Jok Bal (steamed pork pata with sauce)
Fried Gim stuffed with Jab Che (fried dried seaweed stuffed with potato noodle)
Bibim Bob (rice mixed with variety of vegetables and meat)
We had some fresh fruits and sweet potato for desserts.
candied sweet potato
the first timer verdict ....
.... she raved for this sweet and spicy squid!!
 We also tried the usual Korean dish such as Sam Gyup Sal, Bulgogi, and Jeyuk Bokkum. We weren't able to take their pictures because they were gone before the photographer could take a snap!They taste good  and their taste has similarities with Filipino food.  You  should give them a try first before trying some other Korean dish.

232 P. Tuazon Blvd. corner 13Th Ave, 1016 Cubao, Quezon
(once you are in Ali Mall, you can see it across the street besides Mercury Drug Store)

Photo credits to Edward Mikehell Grylls


  1. How much is the buffet there? In fairness, madaming food options.

    1. 350 pesos per head. pero kakabukas lang nila last Oct kaya may promo coupon sila which is 350 would be good for 2 persons. yun ang avail namin kahapon.
      Until today na lang yung promo nila,too bad sarap pa sanang bumalik at mag Sam Gyup Sal ulit.. :)

  2. It seems so delicious!!!

    Following you and hope you'll follow me back!!

    1. The food is delicious! Thanks for dropping by.

      will follow you back,thank you.

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  4. yummy!

  5. sounds like a good deal to me.

    1. Yup!we'll go back there because they still have a 20% discount with their buffet for the whole month of November.

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