Monday, October 29, 2012

Today is the Day I Died and Went to Heaven

Err...  HEAVEN DESSERT  that is! We had  a Smorgasbord at the Diamond Hotel for lunch. With the array of different cuisine from Japanese, Chinese, Indian. Asian, French etc.  It was the dessert bar that took my breath away. My  heart literally stop and I just drowned in my own saliva. Not a good picture eh? Well let the picture do the talking. And if you are like me that sweet is the bottom of  the food pyramid. Then definitely you would agree with me that the  most desirable place  to visit is not Disneyland but the Chocolate Factory!  Be it Charlie or Willy Wonka's Factory who cares!

 Truffle...Truffle..Truffle...need I say more? I don't think so. My mom said, I should not talk when my mouth is full!

Our table was situated where I can see the garden with it's lovely fountain. It looks so peaceful with its water cascading...BUT, I wasn't seeing those. Our table is secluded but with this towering chocolate fondue, I know, where my feet will bring me.

Cheers to us who knows how to prioritize in the midst of temptation!

You can't blame me,look at those oh sweet little things!!..God I'm palpitating!

Before I burst into sugar land. Let me crepe it all up!
Pecan crepe. Top with the most delicious ice cream!!
the boyfriend is not a fan of sweet, but this sweet thing captures his taste bud~

Photos by: Edward Mikehell Grylls


  1. woah!!!! getting hungry sarrraaaaaaaaaaappp!!!!!! tnx sa truffle last night hihihi