Monday, October 29, 2012

Three Years in the Making

Long overdue get together with my college friends. The planning took 3 years because someone couldn't keep up their promises. Busy. What else is the better excuse. Good thing there were two of us that celebrates birthday on the month of September . We decided to make it a long overdue reunion and a birthday celebration!

Picking out the date was a big pain in the ass. Everybody has different rest day especially those who work in the BPO industry. With a lot of drama, lame excuses with broken promises that make this weekend gateway 3 years overdue, we were able to fix our schedule and push through with a much needed break. And we end up in La Roca natural hot spring in Los BaƱos Laguna. The place wasn't that great. The attic room which could accommodate 12-15 people was unremarkable. Most of the staffs are nowhere to be found. We booked the room a month prior but when we arrived there the room wasn't even ready. Our dining/receiving area was infested with mosquitoes because half of the resort was under water due to the damage of a typhoon. But why did we choose that resort when natural hot springs were like mushrooms in Pansol, Laguna to choose from. Well, one of us knows that resort because they usually go there and she said the place was good. But I am not impressed. 

The only thing we enjoyed was this. The water was hot! But once you get used to it,it feels really good. It's a back massage!

Nevertheless with the company of old time’s friends anything could be fun. Make it an old love story or stupidity and mishap through college days. We spent the night swimming and talking about none substantial things in the children’s pool!!
Someone does not know how to swim and afraid of swimming. J

this is how you swim when you don't know how
you put your hands on the floor and just kick your feet, see easy right? 
kiddie pool could be fun!
They enjoyed the kiddie pool too much that we end up extending an hour because they went swimming again the next morning. It looks like that a night of swimming wasn't enough. 

Till next time guys! Hope it won’t take another 3 years. The stories to share will be too long. haha And please no more matching up with an old flame. Move on! Besides the two of you doesn't seems like a good pair. J
the old gang..

Photos by: Edward Mikehell Grylls, Ronald Gabito and yours truly.

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