Monday, October 8, 2012

How I Suck Big Time for my First Time!

Yesterday, my brothers planned a family day because they scored a cheap (P150/$3) ride all-you-can ticket in Star City. I never had been to Star City even though I've meaning to go for a long time. “The Boyfriend” even promised to bring me there before but for so many different reasons it didn’t materialize.  Since it was their BIG plan I never involve myself with the planning and I never ask any information. They just texted me the night before to be there at exactly 11AM and to wear shoes because we supposed to watch ballet show in Aliw Theater at CCP complex. With a night before notice we were still late even though we took a taxi to be there simply because “The Boyfriend” decided to get a last minute haircut and he couldn't find his camera filter! As of me, I was in bed though I was already ready to go, because after I took a shower I got this terrible headache and my throat felt swollen I had a hard time swallowing my saliva. 

To cut a long story and because “The Boyfriend” would probably read this post I will just continue with the story how I SUCK BIG TIME! It was my first time to watch a ballet show and we were lucky enough to watch the Prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde star in her last full-length performances of the classic Don Quixote. While in the theater I was already chilling and I already felt nauseous. The show was great I guess. I couldn't give a good feed back since I didn’t know anything about ballet except that those pretty skirts the female ballerina wearing is called Tutu.

After the show, we head to Teriyaki Boy Restaurant near the CCP harbor for lunch. I just had the soup from the Ra-men I order because my tummy during that time was already squishy. I was already anticipating the gross out event I will do in Star City! And I wasn't wrong to do so because my brothers choose the Viking ride for our first ride and there I PUKE my guts out! It was so gross. Hope the camera from “The Boyfriend” hand didn’t capture that totally embarrassing moment! 

See, my first time to watch a ballet and I wasn’t able to enjoy it. My first time to go to an amusement park and I vomited like there was no tomorrow. After that one ride I wasn’t consoled to try anymore rides! Though when “The Boyfriend” and I was heading to the exit he was able to pull me in a mummy horror tomb. I hate the fact that some mummy hanging in the ceiling hit my already woozy head that when we were already in the taxi I did a second puking out event all over again. Really gross!

Why I am writing this loooong post? Because I am stuck here in the office till 11PM while I’m running a fever and my legs felt like the jelly I had for lunch. I wasn’t able to eat solid meal since yesterday. Am writing the pain away…even though my body is screaming for bed!

P.S. Photos will soon be posted! My mother was really cute with her horrified face while riding the Log River ride. (Yeah, we were that cool that we dated our 60+ mom in an amusement park) So funny that she enjoyed it way more that I do. L I really suck big time! L

If you wanted to catch the Ballet Manila featuring "Don Quixote" check the   Aliw Theater

PHONE (02) 832 3713
SKYPE :aliwtheater
Sotto Street, CCP Complex
Pasay City


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