Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2Go or not 2Go

Been dreaming to visit the most talked about beach (overrated) of Boracay? But you are in a tight budget and seat sale in all airline companies were sold in a blink of an eye. And buying a plane ticket NOT on sale is out of the questions. …so what’s the answer but 2Go

an alternative way to travel to Boracay
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Yup! 2Go Travel is one of the most efficient, budget friendly and fun way to travel to Boracay. They travel twice a day directly to Caticlan from Batangas port. You heard that right. No more hassle with land transportation from the airport to the port of Caticlan because once you step out of the ship you are now going to pay entrance and the environmental fee (too expensive in my opinion, especially the environmental fee- you’ll agree with me once you step on the port of Boracay)to enter the island.

The accommodation is clean, the food is nothing spectacular. They leave on time. That’s based on my experience. That’s why we weren’t able to catch the boat from Caticlan because we were late. LOL

If you choose to use this alternative way to travel to Boracay you will spend less than 3,000 pesos ($73) round trip, inclusive of bus fare from Cubao station, entrance fee in Batangas port, and Caticlan.  The disadvantage is you are going to spend a lot of time traveling. From Cubao to Batangas port travel time is about 3 hours. 2Go ferry to Caticlan is about 8 hours.

But hey if you are traveling with your friends and family the travel itself would be part of the fun. So are you going to 2Go or not 2Go? That is your decision. Have fun!

Just a travel tip: If you are going to buy a ticket stop buying your tickets from ticketing outlets. There is mark-up yeah know! (you can use the usual mark up in their tickets to buy pasalubong for your friends, officemate, family, neighbors and almost everybody who knows you are traveling….hahaha)

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