Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleep Away

Let's make love beneath the moonlit skies
In vast grassland bathes in dew
Cover me with your sweet gentle kiss
Render me with your hopeless promises.

Your fervent desire let me hear
Whisper them dear in my ears
Strangers in the night may we be
Our heart tells a different story.

Cold wind blows so far away
Moon rise overlapping needs
Secret valley and hidden plains
Map them with your fingertips.

The taste of my sweat in your skin
Makes me believe once again in fairytale
Imprison in your tight embrace
Coax me to fly with your name in my lips.

Catch me soar high in the sparkling skies
Lay me down in your arms as dawn approach
As raging heartbeat  turn into rhythmic bliss
I close my eyes and dream back to reality.


I posted this poem in my notes in my FB account and in my other blog which I call emo-blog cause it where i usually post my poems.J

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